Monday, November 6, 2017

MMP - Keyboard Tricks

MMP - Keyboard Tricks

We can all use a refresher, even for those of you who are hardcore. I’m offering some keyboard tricks and tips for today’s MMP.

Have you closed a tab accidently? Try pressing CTRL + SHIFT + T or Cdm + SHIFT + T on a Mac to reopen the closed tab.

CTRL + Z will undo a file that’s been deleted or moved and puts it right back to its original location.
The easiest way to Subscript is to highlight a word or letter and hit CTRL and the "+ =" key.

Superscript highlight the word or letter and hit CTRL + Shift and the "+=" key.
Need to view your system information quickly, press the Windows Key + Pause/Break key and a system information panel will open on the screen.

I right click a lot during day, there is a better way. Select anything in a document and press the menu key (it's the key located next to the Windows key). The right click context menu will magically appear on the screen.
Rename a file by pressing F2 when the file is selected.

CTRL + Shift + V will paste the text from any source into plain text (Cdm + Shift + V on a Mac) – no formatting!