Monday, April 24, 2017

MMP - Epic Privacy Browser

MMP (Monday Mouse Potato) Epic Privacy Browser 
Are you ready to opt out of the big companies collecting your data by tracking, tagging, and profiling your every move on the web? Want to minimize your digital footprint? If you’ve answered yes to these questions you might want to try Epic.

The Epic browser protects your searches; blocks thousands of trackers, cookies, and widgets; and is even secure on public WiFi. By clicking on the red open socket (Epic’s built-in proxy) in the top right corner of the browser you can take advantage of encrypting your data, and hiding your IP address. The umbrella icon, in the same location, lets you access ad, and third-party cookie blocking. One other important feature is that that when you close Epic, the browsing history is completely deleted from your computer.

Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge, IE, and others will offer some measure of security, and privacy although not at this level. Epic may not replace your other browsers but it’s a good choice if you’re looking for a niche gateway for sensitive searches.