Monday, April 17, 2017

MMP - Which Way is Up?

This is the inaugural Monday Mouse Potato post. On the MMP you'll find tech tips, tricks, and techniques unearthed by your geek enthusiast.

MMP (Monday Mouse Potato) Which Way is Up?
Half the time you can't tell which way is up. You try plugging in a flash drive or a usb cable into the port, and you plug it in the wrong way. Before you plug-in, look down. Only one side has the forked USB logo on it, that's the top/right side. But lots of flash drives don't have logo. So how do you tell what's the right vs the wrong side? If you turn the cable or drive over you'll notice what looks like two jigsaw puzzle pieces put together, that's the wrong side. From now on you’ll never plug a usb cable or flash drive in the wrong way again!