Thursday, April 20, 2017

The Library Files - HeinOnline

A quick intro to HeinOnline
Looking for an online legal database for research? HeinOnline is one of my go-to sources, and on more than one occasion has saved my bacon. Provided by The Law Society of Upper Canada, members can log-in to HeinOnline with a username and password. The database has multiple options available for emailing, printing and downloading pages and sections of a volume, all for free!

From the obscure to the ubiquitous, Hein contains over 2,300 full-text journals such as the Canadian Journal of Criminology and Criminal Justice, McGill Law Journal, and Advocates' Quarterly, just to name a few.

Below, I’ve listed only a handful of the thousands of materials available in the database:

  • The English Reports Full Reprint Vols. 1-176 (1220-1867)
  • Chart of Reports which includes the title abbreviations, date range, and a link to the volume and case
  • The Revised Statutes of Canada, 1886 to 1985 + supplements
  • Provincial Statutes (historical)
  • Canada Supreme Court Reports
  • Legal Dictionaries
  • Pentagon Papers
  • Legal Classics containing more than 4,500 work such as Graunde Abridgement by Anthony Fitzherbert, 1565, and the Commentaries on the Laws of England: In Four Books; with an Analysis of the Work by William Blackstone, 1852
  • U.S. Treaties
  • U.S. Supreme Court Library
If you need a username and password for HeinOnline just contact us at the library. The LSUC changes the log-in information approximately every 6 months, so if you’re suddenly locked out of Hein, flip us an email and we’ll provide you with the updated log-in info.